he’s a douche and i love him so much
(full view pls)


Also did a special cat mask version that i’ll only be selling at cons :)



Road to Rosebud Canyon, 1955

Bruce Thomas


coloring my drawing of this dude….you might have heard of him…


THEY NEED A VOICE TONIGHT. The aftermath is secondary. But the heroes are dead, Battery City has fallen, and the villains have left. Where do we go from here? 

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Kill Your Heroes - AWOLNATION. Kill your heroes and fly, fly, baby, don’t cry.

Oceans and Streams - The Black Keys. My aim it used to be so true, my world had a place in it darling just for you.

Fold You Hands, Child - Cobra Starship. So fold your hands child, and walk straight now.

Kids - MGMT. No time to think of consequences.
Staying Up - The Neighborhood. Some part of me feels naked and a little it empty.
Human - The Killers. I’m on my knees looking for the answer: are we human, or are we dancers?
Slow Down. The Academy Is… I’m not like them, I won’t buy in.
Weighted. Frnkiero andthe Cellabration. We may overstay our allotted time, and it just wouldn’t feel right.
Guns for Hands - Twenty One Pilots. I can’t sleep when you all have guns for hands.
Bronte - Gotye. We will be with you when you go.


war is coming || a killjoy character study [listen[art credit]


interlude - drop dead, gorgeous // wires - the neighbourhood // never hear surf music again - free blood // the taste of ink - the used // waiting room - fugazi // rat a tat - fall out boy // soul - paper tongues // paramedic - these green eyes // spit the dark - empires // flash delirium - mgmt // modern jesus - portugal. the man // wrecking ball - mother mother // soul wars - awolnation // don’t bury me… i’m not dead yet - the riverboat gamblers // kiss me, i’m contagious - from first to last // the song we used to call “wasting time” - the riverboat gamblers // the quiet things no one ever knows - brand new // my own summer (shove it) - deftones // i am going to kill the president of the united states of america - leathermouth // men are all the same - the used // noro - brand new // we’re going to hell - cursive 


WHOA commission for old GWAYS who blessedly commissioned me to draw crying, bleeding Party Poison. Take it easy, little guy, you’ll probably just respawn!

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